What to Do with Your Christmas Tree after Christmas

Christmas tree recycling

Does your Christmas tree seem to be hanging onto its last few branches?

Would you like to be able to keep your Christmas tree all year long?

One thing that you might be thinking at this point in the holiday season is what am I going to do with that Christmas tree? While we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, it might be time to do something with that tree. Don’t worry; today we are going to be reviewing Christmas tree disposal options.

Earlier in the month, we posted an article all about caring for your Christmas tree. You can read that article by visiting, How to Care for Your Christmas Tree. Today, we are sharing with you how to properly dispose of the tree that brought your family so much joy this past holiday season.

Recycling or Replanting Your Christmas Tree

In our article, How to Dispose/Recycle Your Christmas Tree, we shared a few ways to recycle your Christmas tree.

  • First, the tree that brought your family so much joy doesn’t have to be thrown out. Instead it will actually make a great insulation for your perennials. Cut off all of the branches and cover your perennials with them.
  • Another way to recycle your Christmas tree is to cut off all the branches and save them for spring. In the spring, you can shred the branches and use them as mulch.
  • A third option for Christmas tree recycling is to dry out the trunk and use it as firewood.
  • If you do not have the time to recycle yourself, check with your city. Many cities will even pick up the tree and recycle it for you.
  • If you opted for a live potted Christmas tree and it is looking sad, you may be able to salvage it and replant it. In our article, 10 Steps to Planting Your Christmas Tree, we provide all the steps to replanting your tree.

What do you plan to do with your Christmas tree? Do you have any other options for recycling them?

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