Everything You Want To Know About Perennials Part 1


How well do you know perennials?

This is the start to a 3 part series on all you can think of from extra beautiful perennials, perennials that offer privacy and shade for your home.

I’ll admit that when I started gardening, I had no idea what a perennial was. So because of that, I’m going to start this series with a Webster’s Dictionary quote:

Webster’s Dictionary defines perennials in 2 ways.

  1. “Present at all season of the year”
  2. “persisting for several years”

Perennials are a gardener’s bread and butter. These are the plants that show up every year and are low maintenance. Because of our love of these dependable plants, this week we are doing a 3 part series on Everything You Want to Know about Perennials.

And since this month is all about spring prep and planning, it fits in perfectly. We will be sharing about extra beautiful perennials, perennials that will offer your yard privacy and perennials that can offer shade.

Today is all about Extra Beautiful Perennials

These perennials are extra beautiful because they bloom more than once during the year.


This particle perennial is will have gain the envy of every neighbor. In the spring the lilac fills the air with a beautiful aroma and it does this again in the midsummer-fall. While Better Homes and Gardens reports the plant does have the ability to grow up to 30 feet tall and 20 wide, you can get dwarf lilacs that will fit into any garden.


We have shared about Hydrangeas and I have a special fondness for this perennial because it was one of the flowers at my wedding. Today, we are specially looking at the Endless Summer Hydrangea. BHG says,

Most hydrangeas bloom once and are done for the season. But Endless Summer bears blossoms on new growth — so you can enjoy the flowers several times each summer. For gardeners in cold climates where winter damage prevents other hydrangeas from flowering, ‘Endless Summer’ ensures a spectacular show.

Look for us on Wednesday if you would like to know how perennials can keep away bothersome neighbors.

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