6 of the Most Fragrant Trees and Shrubs in Spring

Fragrant trees and shrubs

As I was taking a walk with my family this weekend, we strolled through the neighborhood. It’s such a great time of year to see how other people landscape their yards. We love looking for new and creative ideas to do in our own home.

We walked past one yard and what was so striking had nothing to do with how great they manicured their yard, while it did look great. What kept me standing there, closed eye, and looking completely insane was the amazing fragrance of one of the trees in the yard. It was breathtaking. I wanted to bottle up that smell and take it home with me. The scent was so powerful and strong that it demanded all of my attention. I didn’t want to move, I wanted to breathe that in for as long as possible. It was then that I decided I had to have one of those amazing trees in my own yard.

Spring is magical with all that was once dormant, rising up again. As the days warmer, the buds start to open and we get to see some of nature’s most magnificent blooms, and colors. But beauty alone isn’t all that spring has to offer – it can put out some of the most amazing smelling fragrance you could ever imagine.

If you are looking to add some amazing, nature-producing perfume to your yard, here are 6 of the most incredibly fragrant trees and shrubs that you need to experience this spring and maybe even add to your own yard.

6 Incredibly Fragrant Trees and Shrubs

  1. Night Blooming Jasmine
    This is woody evergreen shrub is not known for its beauty, but it’s amazing fragrance. The Night Blooming Jasmine is related to nightshade. This scrub will grow between 4 and 13 feet tall. It yields simple glossy, lance-shaped green leaves and long vine like stems. When the weather is warm the Night-blooming Jasmine will bloom and the narrow greenish-white blossoms will open, but only at night. While these plants are pretty easy to care for in warm climates, they will need additional care in cold environments.
  2. Miami Supreme Gardenia
    The Miami Supreme Gardenia plant will be sure to top off your home garden as it is pleasing to both the eye and the nose. The name even means “best.” It has large white flowers and gives off one of the sweetest fragrances that you might have ever smelled.
  3. Sweet Almond
    The Sweet Almond bush will produce such powerful smelling blooms that you will be able to notice that incredible scent from way across the other side of your yard. This is a warm weather loving plant that has a long bloom season. This plant will also attract beautiful butterflies to your garden all summer long. It will produce spires of white flowers and bloom from summer into fall. The plant will die back to the roots and sprout again in the spring. The plant can be planted in the ground and pruned or even in a container.
  4. Winter Daphne
    The Winter Daphne plant will produce early flowers with a powerful sweet fragrance. The flowers are beautiful with rose to purple in color. It will grow between 3 and 4 feet in height and 4 to 5 feet wide. It is a low maintainers plant which makes is a great option for your home garden.
  5. Banana Shrub
    This evergreen shrub produces amazing yellow blooms all spring and summer long that gives off a banana like fragrance. This scrub can provide privacy and give off a perfume that flowers around your entire yard. According to www.monrovia.com, the author suggests that you plant the Banana Shrub next to a window or door to all the fragrance to pour indoors.
  6. Royal Empress Trees
    Looking for a tree to have it all? Then this one is the right one for you. This tree is beautiful all year long, provides privacy, and grows incredibly fast. It is known as one of the world’s fastest growing trees. Here is a little story about The Royal Empress Tree from Fast-Growing-Trees.com:”We had a spot where I wanted to block the afternoon sun and provide a little privacy between us and our neighbor. I planted our Royal Empress Tree late in the season, so I knew it wouldn’t grow much before going dormant. Still, it reached about 6 feet.”

    The story goes on to explain that the author’s father-in-law wasn’t impressed. He suggested cutting it down and said, “you’ll really see a show.”

    The author replied stating that all the growth would be lost.

    The father-in-law objected and said that the growth would not be lost. Then, he “took a saw and cut it flat to the ground.”

    In the end, the father-in-law was right. The tree appeared to be indestructible. The author states that it was like watching Jack and the Beanstalk as it “shot out of the ground in spring and grew 15 feet that year, then reached 25 feet the next year.

    Specifications of the Royal Empress Trees include:

    • Furry, pea shaped buds in the winter that burst open at the first sigh of spring.
    • Flowers: Large, beautiful lavender blooms in spring.
    • Climate zones: Best grown in climates zones 7-11, however, it came be grown anywhere in the United States.
    • Care: Relatively easy to care for.

Helpful Tips:

If you are looking to add a new shrub or tree to your garden this spring adding a Rootwell is a great way to help to make sure your newly planted shrub or tree will thrive. The Rootwell Pro-318 is designed to give your tree a deep root feeding. The TreePac will come with four Rootwells that you place around one tree or shrub. The Rootwell is designed to give your tree direct-to-root watering which gives your tree the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Also make sure to give your new tree a nice organic fertilizer when placing and added compost to help get it started.

Planting Your Own Tree

If you are looking to add new trees and shrubs to your yard, take a walk around your neighborhood. Find the trees that you are drawn to the most and find out what they are. Your trees are sure to breathe life right back into you, with not just beauty, shade, and privacy, but incredible fragrances too.

Over to You

Do you have favorite fragrant trees or shrubs to add to this list?

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