How to Grow Herbs in Mason Jars

How to Grow Herbs in Mason Jars

Would you love to have an herb garden, but live in an apartment?

Are you looking for an easy way to grow herbs?

I love having a fresh herb garden. I love the aroma that fresh herbs provide and I love cooking with them.

When you are in a small living space, gardening seems like the last thing that would fit, but by using mason jars as containers anyone can make a small space work.

Growing herbs in mason jars is actually pretty easy and because of that we’ve included in our Beginner Gardening Wednesday. Beginner Gardening Wednesday is our weekly series where we make gardening accessible for all levels.

The Only Problem

Usually for best results when growing anything in a container, the container itself should have a hole in the bottom. This is just not the case for mason jars. We have a couple of solutions to this problem.

The Solution

While you could drill a hole, the use of gravel is widely recommended. In an article by they suggest smoothed glass fragments, marbles, pebbles or even sea shells.

By using any of the materials above you create drainage system in the jar. Drainage is important because it helps the herb to breathe and grow.

Now that we’ve solved the problem, let’s take a look at how to plant the herbs and care for them.

Growing Herbs in Mason Jars

  • Add the material you’ve chosen to act as the drainage in the jar. Fill up to about an inch. The amount may depend on the size of your mason jar.
  • Add soil next. Pick moist well-drained soil. Try and stay far away from clay like soil that will discourage drainage.
  • recommends that you transplant the herbs in the soil. While you can grow them from seeds, transplanting is the easiest.
  • Lastly, add a label.


Herb gardens are not just for those with big yards and lots of experience. You can grow an herb garden wherever you are and enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs.

For a list of herbs to grow, check out our list, 7 Must Grow Herbs for Beginner Gardeners.

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