How to Grow Radishes in 5 Simple Steps

How to Grow Radishes in 5 Simple Steps

Do you love having fresh organic radishes in your salad?

Are you ready to get out into your garden this year?

Spring is officially tomorrow and it is just about time to start planting cold-tolerant vegetables. Radishes are the perfect cold-tolerant vegetable to plant this season because they mature in as little as 3 weeks.

Not only do they mature quickly, but they are also really simple and easy to grow. For this Beginner Gardening Wednesday, we are sharing with you how to grow radishes in 5 easy steps.

Beginner Gardening Wednesday is our weekly series where we share tips and tricks to turn any novice gardener into a green thumb.

Step 1: Sowing Seeds

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, six weeks after the last frost date add some organic fertilizer to the soil and sow the seeds. Place the seeds about 2 inches apart and 1/2 inch in to the ground. Make sure to keep the rows about 12 inches apart.

Step Two: Keep ‘Em in The Sun

Radishes love lots of sun. Plant them in full sun and make sure that the other plants that you plant around them don’t over shade them.

Step Three: Every 3 Years

Radishes have a three year crop rotation.

Step Four: Plant Often

Planting every 2 weeks ensures that you will have radishes throughout spring, summer and even into the fall.

Step Five: Watering

When planting your radishes make sure to install an aeration tube as well. Aeration tubes are scientifically proven to increase root growth and above ground mass.

How to Harvest Radishes

According to Organic Gardening, pull the radishes as soon as the roots mature. Remember radishes only take about 3 weeks to mature. You’ll know they are over matured if they are cracked and tough.


Would you be interested in reading about more cold tolerant vegetables? This Friday, we are publishing a list of cold tolerant vegetables and how to grow them, so make sure to come back.

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