5 Great Holiday Plants to Gift

Holiday Plants to Gift

With the holidays approaching fast, you might be starting that long process of trying to find the perfect gift. A list can get lengthy when you want to share with teachers, friends, neighbors, and family how much you appreciate them. Or, maybe you want to find a special way to say thank you to a special host.

Look no further, because you will never go wrong giving a gift of nature.

Holiday Plants To Give As Gifts

Here are four great holiday plants to give as gifts that will be sure to bring a smile, add life, and be loved by anyone.

Poinsettias Holiday plant potted poinsettias

The classic holiday plant will be the poinsettia. The beautiful red, green, and white colors that they come in make for beautiful décor. Their long lasting flowers will provide a stunning show for a lengthy time – a couple of months.

When selecting your poinsettia, look for plants that leaves have a dark green color. If you notice that the plant has low or damaged leaves, this might indicate a plant that has had poor handling or fertilization, lack of water, or root problems.

When you take the plant outside, it is very important that you keep it covered or wrapped. The plant can be easily damaged if it is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, even for a short period of time. However, make sure to unwrap as soon as it is safe to as keeping the plant wrapped up for too long can also damage the plant.

The plant will thrive when placed in a bright and sunny spot. Make sure that all the plants roots receive water. If you have excess water coming out of the bottom of the pot, make sure to dump it out. If you notice that the leaves begin to turn yellow that might be a sign that you are giving the plant too much water.

Once the fear of the last spring frost is over, and the temperature reaches to 50 degrees at night, the plant can be transported outside. The plant can be planted directly into the ground inside the pot. Place the Poinsettia into the ground to reach the rim of the pot. The plant should be placed in a well-drained area, watered often, with a little bit of shade.

Rosemary Holiday plant rosemary

Looking to give a living plant and don’t want to do the normal store bought flower plant? Giving the gift of rosemary will be not only be a beautiful gift, but it will send a fragrant aroma that will make you feel like it is instantly the holidays.

Rosemary is known as an herb of remembrance from ancient times. The best part is for the holidays the rosemary bushes can be shaped to look like the shape of a Christmas tree. With the herb coming in tiny sizes from 6 to 12 inches, they can be added to mason jars, tin cans, or any other container that you feel inspired to place them into. This is a great way to let your creative juices flow while giving a thoughtful and edible gift.

It’s important to keep in mind that Rosemary is a plant that is supposed to be outside. When you bring the plant inside it is important to take care that the soil is moist but not too wet. Make sure to place the plant in a sunny location where there is good air circulation. The best part is that once the holiday season is over, the plant can be planted outside in full sun.

When gifting a Rosemary plant, you can print care instructions on cardstock and attach with a ribbon. Then your host will have all he needs to help take care his new edible Rosemary holiday plant.

Norfolk Island Pine Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine is a evergreen coniferous tropical plant that might not be a true pine, but it is a great plant to gift during the holidays.

Low maintenance, the Norfolk Island pine only needs a nice sunny spot and enough water. It has soft and compact needles, strong branches, and a natural pyramid shape.

Perfect for holiday décor as a miniature Christmas tree, a potted Norfolk Island Pine, will thrive indoors for years to come if properly cared for.


Holiday plant lavender Lavender is a wonder herb, and will be a gift that keeps on giving. This versatile herb is known for its ability to sooth and relax. What better gift could one receive during the holidays?

You can give lavender as a plant, dried, in oil form, or even give seeds for them to plant themselves. When you give as a plant, you can find your own creative way to add your own holiday flavor or create your own lavender themed gift basket, with bath salts, bubble bath, seeds, etc. The list could be endless and would be a blessing to anybody that would receive.

Holiday Star Amaryllis Holiday star amaryllis

We might not have the time to make homemade gifts. Often, there are those out of time family and friends we would like to share with them that we are thinking of them even when they are far.

The Holiday Star Amaryllis is a perfect gift to give to someone that is a little different than the average holiday plant. This beautiful flower will be sure to wow them when they receive and see the festive red and white flowers that look like stars.

The holidays are a special time of year when we get to share with our family and friends how much we care and love them. Whether you want to decorate your own home, say thank you to a host, teacher, or friend, or just want to give a gift to someone you love, go green this year and give a gift that will add life, warmth, and beauty. No matter what type of gift you have in mind, you will be sure to impress with a holiday plant.

Your Turn

What is your favorite holiday plant? Are you inspired to create your own holiday gift?

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