How to Care For Roses

How to care for rosesDo you love roses?

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers. They are romantic, apologetic and welcoming. Roses can brighten someone’s day and communicate love.  It is one flower that is truly powerful. However, having a rose garden can be a bit challenging.  Different types of roses require different types of care.

Today is the start of our new series, Rose Fridays. Rose Fridays is a series where we will discuss tips on growing and caring for roses. On this beautiful summer Friday, we are going to discuss the different types of roses and when to plant them.

Container Roses

According to our friends at HGTV, you can plant container roses as long as the weather allows anytime time of year. If you want to give your roses the best chance of survival, the best time to plant is the spring and the fall. By planting in the fall or spring times, your rose plant’s roots are able to grow deeper helping them withstand the cold winter and hot summer.

Bare-Root Roses

Bare-root rose are a bit different. Your bare-root rose is the type of rose you are likely to receive as a delivery gift. Bare-root means these roses are dormant, without leaves and do not grow in a container. Planting timing is based on the winter climate you would like to plant your roses in.

  • If your winter climate never approaches 10 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can plant your beautiful bare-root roses as long as they are available.
  • If your winter climate falls between  the minimum of 10 degrees and -10 degrees Fahrenheit,  then you will want to plant only in late fall or early spring.
  • If your winter climate has even colder temperatures falling below -10, then you will only want to plant in the early spring. Make sure that the spring freezes have passed before planting.

Whenever you plant, whether it is the spring or the fall, make sure to choose a day that is to too hot, cold or windy. Whether you are choosing to grow bare-root or container roses these tips on when to plant will help you off to a great start. Here at Rootwell, we are excited to share tips for growing roses with you every Friday. Stay tuned for next week’s tip.

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