How to Grow Alyssums for Beginner Gardeners

Alyssum blossums

Are you new to gardening?

Would you love to successfully grow a flower for your garden?

Welcome back to our Beginner Gardening Challenge. Every Wednesday, we will be featuring a plant, vegetable, fruit, tree or shrub that is easy to grow. We will be highlighting one each week and providing easy to follow directions on how to grow them successfully.

Today, we are looking to flowers. The Old Farmers Almanac named Alyssums as an easy to grow flower. Here is what they had to say about it,

Alyssum is easy to maintain, with an enticing honey-vanilla perfume. ‘Snow Princess’ is an especially vigorous grower with plenty of fragrance. Plant some where you sit outdoors or near open windows.

Alyssum flowers are an excellent choice whether or not you live in a house or an apartment as you can still grow them in either location. They are great hanging or in a container. They are not only easy to grow, the delightful aromatic flowers are low spreading and will tolerate heat and drought. You may like to use at the front of flower beds or as garden borders to line paths, or in containers. Not only that, but according to Cornell University they are,

  • Deer resistant
  • Non-invasive
  • Attract Butterflies
  • Bloom all growing season

Alyssums will make any novice gardener look like a pro. Here are two tips on how to plant them according to

  1. For outside sowing, you will want to plant about 2 weeks prior to the last frost if you live in mild or coastal climates.
  2. For inside sowing, you will want to start even earlier at around 4-6 weeks before the frost. These plants actually prefer cold weather.

We also recommend whenever you are planting using containers to install Rootsticks. This will ensure that your plants get the amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients they need to grow strong. Not only that, but it will make your life easier as well as a new gardener.

Come back every Wednesday for more Beginner Gardening Challenges.

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