How to Hang Lights on Your Christmas Tree

How to hang Christmas tree lights

Are you searching for ways to decorate your freshly cut tree that won’t harm it?

Did you find the perfect tree, but do not know where to go from here?

Happy Monday and welcome to “Christmas Tree Monday”. Every Monday this month we have been sharing “How Tos” on Christmas trees. On this wintery Monday, we are sharing about hanging lights on our Christmas tree without harming the tree.

Hanging the Lights

In my childhood memories of our Christmas tree, the lights were my favorite. I would wake up at 4:00 in the morning – sneak down before anyone else was awake just to steal a glimpse of those lights shining off of the presents. I would take a peek into my stocking and then go back to bed until a more “appropriate time”.

When hanging lights on your tree:

  • We would recommend using LED Lights because they are flame proof and fireproof. While initially they are more costly, over time you will save on electricity and last longer. We bought ours 4 years ago and they still work wonderfully.
  • Better Homes and Gardens recommends using a strand of 100 lights for every vertical foot of the tree.
  • Typically when hanging lights, we have always started from the bottom and go around the tree up to the top. This year we tried something different. According to RealSimple, the Rockefeller Tree in New York hangs its lights in three sections, by starting at the bottom and moving up vertically. I have to say I love the way our lights look.

What is your favorite Christmas tree childhood memory? Make sure to come back next Monday because we will be talking about how to plant your potted Christmas tree.

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