How to Keep Your Trees Alive No Matter the Soil

Rootwell aeration tubes

Do you find that year after year your newly planted trees are dying?

How much money have you spent simply purchasing trees that don’t make it through the winter?

Can you relate with the questions above? You might blame yourself when a tree doesn’t make it or maybe the nursery simply gave you a bad tree or maybe the weather is the reason. My guess is that if you are having trouble keeping your trees alive year after year than it is most likely the soil in your yard.

The Type of Soil

The type of soil you have in your yard can have a big part to play in whether or not your tree survives. We always say when planting anything, you want well-drained soil. Having well-drained soil in your back yard or your commercial lands may feel more like a pipe dream than a reality.

The good news is that there is a scientifically proven method that can help your trees to survive in any soil.

It’s called an Aeration Tube

Aeration tubes are a direct-to-root feeder system that you install around your trees. They have been designed to enhance your tree natural ability to take it water, air and nutrients.

How Aeration Tubes Work

Aeration tubes are a long cylinder tubes that are installed along with your tree. When you water your tree or it rains, the water drains down the tube to the soil deep by the trees roots. This causes the roots to dig deep into the ground searching for the nutrients.

As the trees roots dig deeper, your tree grows healthier. We’ve all heard that strong roots = strong trees.

The University of Arizona Proved That Aeration Tubes Work

In our article, Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works, we outline the study and how the direct-to-root feeder system actually improved the 48 ash trees they tested.

The study revealed that deep root watering system greatly enhanced the trees ability for survival. Furthermore, the study showed that the trees with the deep root watering systems were better anchored during windy conditions and provided a larger pool for the moisture in the soil.”

If you are looking for aeration tubes to help your trees not only survive, but to thrive, please consider the Rootwell Pro318. If you have any questions, please contact us or call

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