How to Plant an Ash Tree

Ash treeAre looking for a weekend project?

Would you like a tree that will attract hummingbirds and is traditionally drought tolerant?

Happy Friday to you! For all of us here at Rootwell, it seems this week has flown by. It is hard to believe how close we are to the holiday season. While you are preparing your home for the holidays, remember not to neglect the outside.

Right now is the time to plant those trees you’ve been dreaming of. The Ash tree is such a great addition to any landscape. Better Homes and Gardens plant encyclopedia says the ash tree offers great shade for those hot summer months and in the fall a beautiful array of colors.

Today, we are going to help you in your weekend project by breaking down how to plant an ash tree.

9 Easy Steps to Planting an Ash Tree

  1. One reason why Ash trees are so great is that they can grow in almost any soil. Yes, I said almost any soil and that includes clay.
  2. Make sure to choose a location on your lawn that you love and that offers the tree full sun.
  3. Loosen the soil around the root ball
  4. According to Gardens com, the hole should be about 6 times the width of the root ball.
  5. Place the root ball in the center of the hole.
  6. Spread the roots around the bottom and fill in with soil.
  7. Water thoroughly, letting the roots and soil absorb the water. Then fill the hole in with soil making in level with the earth. Water again.
  8. Let the tree sit for 24 hours then come back and water again.
  9. Our final step includes installing Rootwell Pro318s to provide the oxygen, nutrients and water your tree needs to grow strong.

What is your weekend project this week? Will you try your hand at a planting an ash tree or did you have something else in mind?

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