High temperatures - drought

How to Save Your Trees and Plants From Summer’s Hot Temperatures

High temps depicting how to save trees in drought

Do you remember the drought of 2012?

Picture this, you’ve finally done it. You have invested hours of time and money into your landscape. You sit back and admire how amazing your landscape looks and will continue to look for years on end.

A few weeks later, the temperatures are rising and that is when you notice that you are losing your first tree. Next, your shrubs look as though they never have been watered. You water and water with your watering can, but nothing seems to work.

In the summer of 2012, we faced one of the worst droughts ever seen in over 100 years. The Detroit Free Press reported that nationally, June of 2012 ended the warmest 12-month period that the United States has experienced since 1895, when the record keeping began. You can read about the drought of 2012 in our articles The Drought of 2012 and Update the Drought of 2012

So far, we haven’t seen those hot temperatures like that year. However, that doesn’t mean that this summer’s heat won’t be a threat to our trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Why the Watering Can Doesn’t Water Your Trees

In the opening scenario, you will notice that the watering can did not work and didn’t save the trees. When facing hot temperatures, a watering can may not be enough. The reason is that the water can or even a watering hose doesn’t get the water deep into the soil.

This method only waters the surface on the soil and in drought conditions will evaporate before reaching the roots. Even with a good soaking, you risk the roots rising to the surface to reach the water subsequently causing damages to the roots and ultimately to the tree.

Rootwell Pro-318 Deep Root SystemWe recommend that for this summer, that you use a proactive step by installing Rootwell Pro-318 or Root Starter Sticks throughout your landscape. The difference between the Rootwell Pro-318 and Root Starter Sticks compared to the watering can/watering hose method, is that Rootwell Pro-318s and Root Starter Sticks provide the ability to for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach deep into the soil, directly to the root systems.

When a drought comes, all you do is pour water into the Rootwells or Root Starter Sticks to ensure your trees, shrubs, and plants’ survival.


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