Why You Should Install Aeration Tubes Before The Ground Freezes

Cardinal winter

Do you want to make sure your trees come back next spring stronger than ever?

Are you wondering what it means for your trees to be dormant?

Today, we would like to share with you why you should install aeration tubes before the ground freezes. During the winter, your trees, shrubs, and plants actually become dormant.

Defining Dormant

When foliage (plants, trees, and shrubs) become dormant, that means they are no longer growing above ground. Instead, all energy is focused on the roots. Deep, strong roots are the foundation for amazing above ground foliage.

Defining Aeration Tubes

Before the ground freezes, one of the best things that you can do for your foliage is to install aeration tubes. The whole purpose of an aeration tube is to promote the growth and strength of the roots. Aeration tubes are a scientifically proven direct to root watering system. The aeration tube provides the oxygen, water and nutrients that your foliage needs to grow strong roots.

In our article, Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works, we shared with you how the aeration tubes like the Rootwell or Rootstick actually increased the root mass and above ground growth.

The study revealed that deep root watering system greatly enhanced the trees ability for survival. Furthermore, the study showed that the trees with the deep root watering systems were better anchored during windy conditions and provided a larger pool for the moisture in the soil.”

Actually, in three months during the study the University of Arizona saw 48% deeper roots growth. Within 13 months, there was 18% greater root mass. Lastly, they proved that trees with aeration tubes had 11% more above ground growth.

When trees, shrubs, and plants are spending their energy to grow strengthen their roots, it is the perfect time to install a product that is proven to help. Rootwell Product Inc.’s Rootwell Pro318 is the perfect choice as an aeration tube.

Installing aeration tubes before the ground freezes will help ensure that your trees have an optimal chance of surviving the winter and having a healthy life.

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