How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Monkshood


Are you looking for the perfect fall perennial?

Would you like to add stunning beautiful blue flowers to your fall garden?

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I love taking the time to stop and be thankful. I love eating amazing food and I love being around family. While sometimes family coming over causes more stress than we would like, there is still time to get your home ready to host everyone.

Today, we are talking about getting your home ready for the holidays by looking into a perennial that is sure to stop your in-laws in their tracks. In addition, this perennial isn’t as well known, so it gives your garden an edge. The perennial we are talking about is called Monkshood.

Monkshood – Special Features

The perennial Monkshood in not native to North America and is from China. It was named Monkshood because the flowers resemble a large loose hood like a monk’s habit. It offers a few special features like it is deer resistance and the fact that it makes beautiful flower cuttings for your Thanksgiving table. It will also not take over your garden.

This plant blooms beautiful blues and violets depending on the variety while maintaining a dark green foliage color. It can grow up to 5 feet high and 1.5 feet wide. According to Cornell University,

Flower stalks with upright spikes. Flowers are borne loosely along erect stems that rise above the foliage.”

Monkshood Growing Tips

If you would like to add this perennial to your garden, here are a few growing tips:

  • Make sure to plant Monkshood in a spot that gets partial to full amounts of sun.
  • Take care where you want to plant Monkshood carefully. Plants do not fair well with transplanting and are slow to become established.
  • Optimal planting time: sow seeds outdoors in fall, early winter or early spring.
  • This perennial requires well-drained soil. You will want the soil to be moist without become mushy. The best way to do this is by installing Rootsticks. Rootsticks by Rootwell Products Inc. are aeration tubes that are scientifically proven to increase root growth and growth of the overall plant.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday week, but don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for 3 Reasons We Are thankful for Rootwell.

Your Turn

Have you ever tried growing Monkshood?

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