5 Ways You Can Recycle Christmas Trees

5 Ways You Can Recycle Christmas Trees

5 Ways to You Can Recycle Christmas Trees

Can you replant your Christmas tree?

How do you recycle Christmas trees?

Not sure what to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays? Here are 5 different ways to recycle your Christmas tree.

  1. Mulch
    You can use the branches of the tree for mulch in several ways.

    • Use the branches as mulch for your perennials. The branches will act as an insulator all winter long.
    • Or, you can cut off the branches and save them for spring. When spring comes around, shred the branches and use them for mulch.
  2. Your City’s Recycling Center

    Most cities and communities have a recycling center that will take Christmas trees.

    According to National Christmas Tree Association, in most areas there is a tree collection that will pick up your tree from your curb. These pick ups usually take place about 2 weeks after Christmas.

    You can also drop your tree off at a recycling center yourself.

  3. Replant Your Christmas Tree

    Did you know that you may be even able to replant your Christmas tree in your backyard if you purchased a potted Christmas tree? In our article, 10 Steps to Plant Your Christmas Tree, you will find out just how to plant it.

  4. Provide a Bird Habitat

    Your Christmas tree will make an amazing bird habitat. According to Organic Gardening, all you need to do is move the tree in its stand outside this winter.

    To add that little extra something for the birds, put the tree near the bird feeder and add a piece of cardboard covered with peanut butter and bird seed.

  5. Provide a Fish Habitat
    If you have a good sized private pond with fish in it, you can sink your Christmas tree into it. It will provide an excellent breeding area, refuge and feeding area for fish.

A word of caution: Never use your Christmas tree as firewood

According to the Burn Institute, “never burn any part of a tree in a fireplace because it burns too fast and is explosive.” According to the Texas Department of Insurance,

“Never burn Christmas trees (branches or needles) in a fireplace or wood stove. Firs and pines have lots of sap, which can explode. The needles burn like tinder, quickly and fiercely. Flames can flare up out of control and send sparks flying across a room. They can also ignite creosote deposits in the chimney and cause a fire in the chimney.”

Bringing it Home

Whether you choose to add mulch to your perennials or provide a habitat for birds or fish, you can go green and recycle Christmas trees after the holidays.

From all of us at Rootwell Products, Inc., we wish you a safe and happy holiday.

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