Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works

Deep Root Watering System StudyStill wondering if Rootwell Pro318 will benefit your trees and shrubbery?

The University of Arizona recently performed a scientific analysis to investigate the effects of deep root watering system on trees. The study was performed by the Arizona School of Plant Science and was designed by Dr. Ursula Schuch, plant scientist and researcher.

Conclusive results proved that deep root watering had a profound effect on the survival rate of the trees in the controlled environment over a period of 13 months.

The Challenge

Due to poor root system establishment, many transplanted trees and shrubs suffer from low survival rates. The failure to thrive dilemma is primarily due to the inadequate root system establishment causing the plants to be deprived of essential water, oxygen and nutrients they need to survive. The challenge included investigation of the deep root watering system to investigate to determine if they would assist in the establishment of adequate root systems after plants were transplanted.

The Study

There were 48 ash trees used during the study. Half of the trees were given the deep root watering systems which were installed in-ground near the root ball. The remaining 24 trees were provided with “surface irrigated with bubblers near the root ball”.  All 48 trees were given the same amount of water at the same time. At specific intervals of 3, 8 and 13 months, the trees were harvested and examined.

The Results

The study revealed that deep root watering system greatly enhanced the trees ability for survival. Furthermore, the study showed that the trees with the deep root watering systems were better anchored during windy conditions and provided a larger pool for the moisture in the soil. The trees with the deep root watering system showed:

  • 48% deeper root growth after three months of growth
  • 18% greater root mass 13 months after planting
  • And 11% more above ground growth.

The Rootwell Pro318 Deep Root watering system is a root aeration tube that is specifically designed to meet the challenges that growing trees face and promotes root growth. Rootwell’s Pro318 gets water, nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the tree. By providing these three important elements, the trees chance of survival and ability to grow greatly increases.

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