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Top 10 Blog Articles in 2012


Wondering if your favorite post made our top 10 list?

With this New Year upon us, we wanted to take some time to thank all of our faithful readers for your support last year. We also wanted to reflect on your favorite posts from 2012.

Our goal with this blog is to assist you in having the gorgeous landscape that you have always dreamed of. We do that by sharing tips, tricks and how-tos on everything related to landscaping including tree planting, planting roses, growing herbs indoors or growing strong trees and more.

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Apple Orchards with No Apples

Apple orchard

Have you been to an apple orchard this year?

Are you craving a cup of cider?

We have talked so many times about how apples and fall almost seem to go hand in hand. However, for Michigan, who is responsible for the third largest apple production in the United States, apples are scarce. All around Metro Detroit, apple orchards are having apples shipped in from the west side of the state.

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Storm Water Causes Department of Transportation to Pay Fines

Storm water

Do you find that you have a lot of storm water runoff?

Did you know you could be issued a fine for it?

We have all seen storm water runoff and maybe even have it in our own backyards. While that storm water may seem harmless, it is known for encouraging the spread of many diseases such as E. Coli. Storm water can also cause pollution, and for The California Department of Transportation it was a very expensive dilemma.

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Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works

Deep Root Watering System StudyStill wondering if Rootwell Pro318 will benefit your trees and shrubbery?

The University of Arizona recently performed a scientific analysis to investigate the effects of deep root watering system on trees. The study was performed by the Arizona School of Plant Science and was designed by Dr. Ursula Schuch, plant scientist and researcher.

Conclusive results proved that deep root watering had a profound effect on the survival rate of the trees in the controlled environment over a period of 13 months.

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Rootwell Products Inc. Announces Blog

Union Lake, MI , January 9, 2012 – Rootwell Products Inc., a research, engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the advancement of quality tree and plant care, announced on Monday the launch of the much anticipated”>new company blog.

The custom new blog is a part of the company’s mission to meet customer needs by providing an arena with comprehensive easy-to-use navigation, interactive communication functionality, and innovative Internet technologies.

The new blog is the result of the company’s integrated marketing and social media campaign. “I am extremely excited about our new blog,” said the Vice President Sales and Marketing, Rootwell Products Inc. “The blog reflects our priority to offer the highest level in tree and plant care and technology to contractors and the general public.”

The custom blog includes the following features:

  • An interactive blog that provides up-to-date information and news.

The blog was custom designed by R & R Web Design LLC. The company has been serving valued clients for over 11 years with affordable and professional Internet solutions.

About Rootwell Product Inc.
Rootwell Product Inc. is a research, engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the advancement of quality tree and plant care providing  award winning products that are  time tested and proven to provide natural benefits to trees, shrubs and plants. It is the company’s mission to provide simple, cost effective and logical solutions to complex plant care problems. Rootwell products are commonly specified by Landscape Architects, Highways, parks, government sites, commercial and industrial locations as well as many others. Rootwell products are also very popular with do-it-yourself entrepreneurs as well.

For more information about Rootwell Product Inc., please visit the company website at or call Toll-Free : 888-ROOTWELL (766-8935)