The 7 Different Types of Roses

7 Different Types of RosesWelcome back to Rose Friday. Rose Friday is our weekly series where we discuss tips and how to care for roses. Last week, we talked about What is the Best Rose?

Did you know there are 7 different types of Roses?

The roses that are most commonly known are the hybrid tea roses. However, there are other types of roses some that can reach 45 feet when tied to fences or supported by buildings and some that smell of honey. According to the All America Rose Selection, there are 7 types of roses and additional roses falling into those types. On this Rose Friday, we are going to take a look at the 7 different types of roses.

  1. Floribunda
    Floribunda roses typically come second in favorability to the hybrid tea roses. The Floribunda roses have the large blossoms like the hybrid tea roses, but are able to bloom openly. This type of rose will have anywhere from three to fifteen blossoms. A few examples of a Floribunda are:

    • The Day Breaker
    • Livin’ Easy
    • Honey Perfume * This is the rose that smells of honey
    • Betty Boop
  2. Hybrid Tea
    Hybrid Tea roses are the long-stemmed roses that you often think of when you think of roses. Unlike the Floribunda, these roses are usually bloom as a single rose and are ideal for cutting so you often see them in the florists. Here are a few examples of Hybrid Tea:

    • Memorial Day
    • Elle
    • Love n’ Peace
  3. Grandiflora
    Grandiflora roses are a cross between the hybrid tea and floribunda rose. This type of rose is a tall graceful rose that during the season blooms often. This rose can grow up to 6 feet tall and features stems that are slightly shorter than the hybrid tea flower. Some examples of the Grandiflora are:

    • About Face
    • Glowing Peace
    • Crimson Bouquet
    • Candelabra
  4. Shrub and Landscape
    Shrub and landscape roses are a very impressive type because of the following:

    • Disease- resident
    • Ability to grow in a range of climates
    • Requires minimal attention from the gardener
    • Hardly any pruning required

    These roses grow close to the ground making them like ground cover and like ground cover can be difficult to control. Examples of this rose are:

    • Day Dream
    • Knock Out
    • Lady Elsie May
    • Starry Night
  5. Climbers
    According to the to Roses by James Underwood Crockett and the Editors of TIME-LIFE BOOKS, climber roses can reach a height of 45 feet high. These roses are used to ascend post, trellises and rooftops. An example of the climber rose is:

    • The 1999 Winner Fourth of July
  6. Miniature
    Miniature roses grow up 6 inches to two feet and are the smallest rose. They make the perfect container roses, solve space problems, and make lovely boarders. Two examples of this type of rose are,

    • Child’s Play
    • Sun Sprinkles
  7. Tree Roses
    These roses require extra care to help survive the winter. All America Rose Selection says,
    “Tree roses are made up of a hardy root stock grafted to a long stem that is, in turn, grafted to a rose bush at the top of the stem. They are very elegant lining a walkway or as a feature amongst other plantings.”

Did you know there were so many types of roses? If you would like to learn more tips on caring for roses come back next Friday when we continue our Rose Friday series.

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