Top 10 Gardening Tips & Tree Care Articles of 2013

Top 10 Gardening Tips & Tree Care

Did your favorite blog article make last year’s top 10 list?

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe that 2014 is already here? With another year of publishing blog articles under our belts, we wanted to reflect on the top 10 gardening tips and tree care tips articles for in 2013.

Listed below are the top 10 most visited blog articles in 2013 according to Google Analytics.

Top 10 Gardening Tips & Tree Care Articles

  1. 5 Way to Help Tree Grow in Compacted Soil
    Compacted soil can be tough to grow anything in. In this article you’ll find 5 ways to help your trees grow.
  2. 3 Types of Herbs That Naturally Purify Your Home
    Are you looking for a natural way to eliminate order and lower carbon dioxide? These 3 herbs can help do that for you.
  3. 2 Reasons Aeration Tubes Cause Growth in Trees
    The last thing anyone wants after spending money on a brand new tree, is for that tree to die. Aeration tubes have been scientifically proven to encourage tree growth and tree survival rate.
  4. 6 Fabulous Tips To Growing Rosemary Indoors
    Herb gardens are wonderful and having fresh rosemary available to you for cooking really adds something extra to the dish.
  5. October Gardening Tips and Tricks
    Each and every month we post gardening tips and tricks. October seems to be the last push for most gardeners who are trying to get things done before the ground freezes.
  6. Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers
    As an allergy sufferer myself, this article is really helpful when planning my gardening and landscape. This post provides you with the best flowers, grass and trees for allergy sufferers.
  7. How to Turn Soil by Hand in 3 Steps
    Here are 3 easy steps to turning your soil by hand. Please make sure to bookmark this page for the spring.
  8. Solutions to Common Vegetable Garden Problems
    Even the most experienced gardening can run into some problems. This article provides you with a list of common gardening problems and how to solve them.
  9. How to Keep a Potted Christmas Tree Alive
    You don’t have to cut down an evergreen tree to enjoy a fresh Christmas tree. Believe it or not, but a potted Christmas tree is a great option and with this article your tree will make it well past Christmas.
  10. Michigan’s Cherry Crop Looks Good for 2013
    Michiganders love their cherries and because of the 2012 drought, the cherry crop was more than disappointing. In 2013, however, the crop did great.

2013 was a great year and we look forward to continuing with providing you with helpful gardening tips and tree care tips in 2014. If you have any subjects that you would like us to cover, or if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

From all of us at Rootwell Products, Inc, have a wonderful New Year everyone!

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