Top 10 Trees to Plant in the Fall

Top trees to plant in the fall

Did you know that this month is the perfect time to add life to your lawn by plant trees?

Looking for some great trees to plant this weekend?

With Election Day behind us, we can look forward to this weekend and getting our hands dirty in our gardens. For much of the county though, temperatures are dropping forcing us to finish our projects before the ground freezes. Today, we are sharing our Top 10 Trees to Plant This Fall.

One of the reasons why fall is the best time to plant is because the trees have now entered into a state of dormancy. Buckeye Gardening describes dormancy like this,

Dormancy is somewhat similar to hibernation for animals. In the winter a hibernating animal’s respiration and heart beat slows. Trees also slow their growth functions in the fall and winter.

Our Top 10 Trees to Plant This Fall

  1. Maple Trees
    It is one of the most popular shade tree and no matter what variety you chose this tree is perfect for fall planting.
  2. Oak Trees
    This tree can grown up to 80 feet tall and 70 feet wide according to Better Homes and Gardens plant encyclopedia.
  3. Ash Tree
    Perfect for shade, planting this tree in this fall will provide your landscape with beautiful colors or purple, red, orange or gold next fall.
  4. Dogwood
    The dogwood is a must-have for every landscape. It grows in almost every part of our county, providing our spring landscape with beautiful blooms and continues with red fruits in the winter.
  5. Redbud
    >While this tree may be considered small in size, it packs a big punch. In the spring this tree will offer heart-shaped leaves and in the fall those same leaves will turn golden-yellow.
  6. Japanese Maple
    Here is another must-have for any fall landscape. This tree offers wonderful shade for your landscape.
  7. Sweet Gum
    In Better Homes and Gardens Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color, this tree is said to grow up to 80 feet tall! You can recognize this tree by its star-shaped leaves.
  8. Sweet Birch
    Here is another tree that can grow in many places in the U.S.- zones 3-7. This tree provides your lawn with a alluring golden-yellow in the fall.
  9. Bald Cypress
    While this tree appears like an evergreen come fall this tree offers jaw dropping beauty, by the needles turning a russet-red color before they fall.
  10. Ginkgo
    The Ginkgo is another tree that can grow like a skyscraper up to 100 feet. It provides your landscape with stunning shade with gold-yellow leaves.  This tree grows in zones 4-9.  If you are unaware of what zone you live in, you can find out by visiting How to Understand Gardening Zones.

Do not forget when planting trees this fall, always install Rootwell Pro318s alongside them to provide your tree with its best chance of survival. That is our list of the top 10 trees to plant in the fall.

What is your favorite tree and what about that tree makes it your favorite?

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