Top Trees for the Southwest Gardener

Pomegranate tree and fruit

Are there any fruit trees that are best to grow in a southwest garden?

Today, we are taking a look the 5 top trees that can grow in the southwest gardener’s backyard. The summer’s heat and desert don’t have to hold you back from a beautiful and well shaded yard.

5 Top Trees to Grow in Your Southwest Garden

Fruit Trees

You may have thought that living in the southwest you wouldn’t be able to grow any fruit trees. According to Better Homes and Gardens you can grow two different types of fruit trees.

  • Pomegranate Tree
    This fruit tree is great because it can grow in just about any soil. Not only will it produce delicious fruit, but it will also look great in your garden.

  • Fig Tree
    One of the best things about having a fig tree in your back yard is that they produce two crops. You will be able to harvest those figs once in the early spring and the other in the early autumn.

Shade Trees

  • Ash Trees
    Ash trees are great for adding some shade to your landscape. Plus, they are easy to plant. For more on how to plant them, please see, How to Plant an Ash Tree for 9 easy steps to planting your ash tree.

  • Elm Trees
    The Sun Gardens reports that the Elm tree is one of the first trees in the early spring to grow beautiful light green leaves. Another great part about this tree is that they grow really fast and will become a larger shade tree.

  • Oak Trees
    Not only do oak trees grow well in a southwest landscape but they also provide beautiful foliage and are easy to clean up after.

Bonus Tip

If you are having trouble keeping your trees alive or simple want to have the best looking trees on the block, consider installing aeration tubes. In our recently published article, 3 Reasons You Need to Install Aeration Tubes, we explain the 3 top benefits of installing aeration tubes

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