10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers

10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers

Would you like a fall garden oasis?

Fall is all about color. As a native to Michigan, we get one of the most beautiful fall shows. The landscape is ablaze with reds, yellows, purples, blues, and oranges dancing in the wind all season long. How can we bring that beautiful fall show home?

Today, we are sharing 10 of the top fall blooming flowers that could make the perfect addition to your fall garden oasis. Here are our top picks for fall color.

10 of the Top Fall Blooming Flowers

  1. Aster10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers
    This perennial flower comes in colors of pinks, blues, purples and whites. The shape is daisy-like. It starts blooming in late August and will continue until it frosts.
  2. Caryopteris – Blue Mist Shrub
    Another fall blooming perennial, the caryopteris starts blooming in August and continues to bloom slowly. An added bonus is that butterflies love it.
  3. Toad Lily
    This gorgeous variety of lily will give you a beautiful fall show from late summer till mid-fall.
  4. Goldenrod
    This flower is often blamed for allergies in the fall. However, The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that goldenrod cause few problems because it is bee-pollinated.
  5. Russian Sage
    Russian sage an easy to grow perennial that can add an enticing aroma to your garden. If you are looking to add Russian sage to your garden visit Easy to Grow Perennial – Russian Sage./easy-grow-perennial-russian-sage/
  6. Perennia Sunflower
    While we all love the classic sunflower, this variety offers a special fall show. It’s perfect if you are looking for some creamy yellow.
  7. Sedum
    Many gardeners will tell you that you cannot have a complete fall garden without sedum. It’s easy to grow a d it’s captivating all year long. If you would like to learn how to grow Sedum, please visit How to Grow Sedum – Beginner Gardening Challenge.
  8. Ornamental Kale
    This is a great option for your fall garden because after you plant it in the early fall it will give you a show all season long. When the frost comes, the color will only intensify.
  9. Northern Sea Oats
    Here the flower starts off green then turns a beautiful fall purple-brown by late summer.
  10. Ornamental Pepper
    Add that something that will impress your neighbors. While these peppers are not for eating that do add that perfect something to any fall garden.

An autumn garden ablaze with brilliant fall colors is breathtaking. These 10 fall blooming flowers will make fantastic additions for that fall color display you have been looking for.

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