Tree Care

Top 10 Trees to Plant in the Fall

Top trees to plant in the fall

Did you know that this month is the perfect time to add life to your lawn by plant trees?

Looking for some great trees to plant this weekend?

With Election Day behind us, we can look forward to this weekend and getting our hands dirty in our gardens. For much of the county though, temperatures are dropping forcing us to finish our projects before the ground freezes. Today, we are sharing our Top 10 Trees to Plant This Fall.

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How to Grow Witch Hazel In Sandy Soil

Witch Hazel

Do you love how witch hazel can add color to your landscape this autumn?

Do you have sandy soil that prevents you from growing the trees and shrubs you love?

Happy Halloween! On this Halloween, we are going to be sharing about growing the spooky shrub witch hazel in any type of soil. In light of the most recent hurricane, we are going to focus our attention on sandy soil.

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How to Prevent Apple Pests and Diseases

Apple diseases

Are you tired of biting into one your apples to find worms?

Do you want to know how to keep your apples disease free?

With fall in the air, here at Rootwell, we have been looking into fall’s favorite treat, the apple. Growing apples can save you money and provide your family healthy fruit. However, with growing apples comes pests and diseases and to spray pesticides seems to defeat the purpose of growing your own fruit in the first place. Today, we are going to discuss different diseases and pests and how to prevent them.

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