Growing an Editable Container Garden Made Easy

Editable container garden

Have you always wanted to grow your own herb garden?

Do you love cooking with fresh herbs?

At Rootwell Products Inc, we love growing and cooking with fresh herbs. Herb gardens are easy, fun and a great way to add the something extra to your favorite dishes.

Today, we wanted to share an article that helps to make growing herbs in a container as painless and effortless as possible, making this article perfect for Beginner Gardening Wednesday.

Beginner Gardening Wednesday is a weekly series where we tailor articles to our new gardeners out there. Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be fun and easy.

Better Homes and Gardens provides us with an simple and straightforward way of growing an herb garden. In their video they show you, step-by-step, how to put together your favorite herbs into one large container or pot.

Editable Container Garden Tips

For seasoned gardeners and cooks who already know which herbs to grow, that may be all the information they need. However, there are some tricks to growing herbs together in one pot.

  • You want to make sure the herbs you plant won’t compete with each other. One of our favorite starter herbs is mint. In this situation, growing all your herbs together with mint is a bad choice. Mint is easy to grow and almost impossible to kill, but it will also take over the container.
  • Pick easy-to-grow herbs that you love. For some suggestions on what to grow, check out our article called 7 Must Grow Herbs for Beginner Gardeners.
  • You will notice that mint made this list in the article, but you’ll also see basil, thyme, lavender, rosemary, parsley and sage. The article also provides information on growing each of those herbs.

Another easy way to grow an edible container garden is to grow herbs in a mason jar. For information on how to use mason jars to do this, please visit, How to Grow Herbs in Mason Jars.

Our Last Tip

Our last tip for a trouble-free edible container garden is to install aeration tubes. Rootwell Products Inc. Rootsticks are aeration tubes that direct to root watering system. They will provide your herbs with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients, needed to keep them healthy.

Your Turn

What is your number one herb question? We would love it answer it. Please make sure to ask in the comment section below.

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