How to Dispose/Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Go Green

Is your Christmas tree looking droopy?

Are you ready to say goodbye to it?

Happy New Year! Today is our last Christmas Tree Monday. Christmas tree Monday has been our month long series where we shared tips, tricks and how-tos about Christmas trees.  Today, we are ending this series with the disposal of a fresh cut Christmas tree.

3 ways to dispose of your fresh cut Christmas Tree.

  1. Recycle
    Better Homes and Gardens recommends that you consider recycling your tree. You can do this by:

    • Cut off all the branches and use them as insulation on your perennials
    • Save the branches until the spring to shred them and use as mulch.
    • Use the trunk as firewood when it has completely dried out.
  2. Check With Your City
    For example, Montgomery, Maryland provides curb side pickup of Christmas trees. Check with your local city or township to see if they provide the same for you.
  3. Check With Your Community
    Mother Earth News informs that there are some times you can find local recycling programs that will turn your tree into mulch for you.

Your Turn

Do you have any other ideas on how to dispose of your cut Christmas tree in an environmentally friendly manner?


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