Rainforest depicting Sustainable Wood Harvesting

Sustainable Wood Harvesting: What You Need To Know

Rainforest depicting sustainable wood harvesting

Are you thinking about building a deck this summer? How about patio furniture? Is there a teak set you’ve been eyeing for a long time? How about a pergola?

Do you know where that furniture comes from? Does all wood pretty much seem the same to you, or do you plan to use sustainable wood? What’s the difference?

There didn’t use to be a difference at all. The trees of our continents seemed like they would never run out. After all, they do grow back, don’t they? Loggers felled millions of trees every year, and it barely made an impression.

However, now it isn’t that simple. We have deforested so much of the world that conservation has become important if we want the human race to survive.

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How to Make Your Garden Deer Proof

How to Make Your Garden Deer Proof

Deer in yard depicting how to deer-proof your garden

Springtime can be the most amazing, and the most frustrating time for home gardeners. All the trees are lush, the grass is growing, the perennials are starting to bloom, and the tender shoots of all your vegetables are starting to sprout and grow.

However, then come the garden pests. Worst of all of them are deer. They can leap most fences and have ravenous after a winter of eating twigs. The males are rapidly growing antlers and the females are gestating or nursing new babies – they are ravenous. And they go for the lush, fertilized, and fast-growing plants around. They head for the plants in your garden.

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Water crisis at Lake Mead

The Water Crisis on Earth: What You Need to Know

Lake Mead depicting the world's water crisis

In the film, The Big Short, the all-star cast and quirky storytelling pulled humor and drama to the forefront. This brought clarity from an industry that is otherwise difficult to understand.

In addition, the subject is one we all want to know more about. What on earth caused the catastrophic 2008 recession? Was there anyone who saw it coming?

The film includes Dr. Michael Burry, CEO of the company he founded, Scion Asset Management. Dr. Burry is depicted in the movie as knowing the financial collapse is coming when everyone around him believes otherwise. He was one of the few men who ended up making money on the economic collapse because of this foresight.

However, the thing that stands out in the last frame of the film is, “Michael Burry is focusing all his trading on one commodity: Water.

Let’s stop for a minute.

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Boxwood evergreen shrubs

Evergreen Shrubs: Pros and Cons – Gardening Tips

Boxwood evergreen shrubs

Evergreen shrubs have traditionally been a homeowner’s staple landscape plant. If you are considering planting shrubs or removing them, there are pros and cons to having this standard outdoor decoration.

Some homeowners consider evergreen shrubs an eyesore. They become overgrown, cover the fronts of houses, block out windows, and can be very hard to shape or remove.

However, taking them out can also have the effect of making your house or property look bare, or leaving you with an ugly stump to stare at or work around.

If you are wondering whether to take out your shrubs or try to make the best of them, here are a few good things to know about evergreen shrubs.

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Grow Terrific Tomatoes

How to Grow Terrific Tomatoes

Terrific tomatoes

Growing terrific tomatoes does not happen overnight. There are many theories about the proper way to grow tomatoes from using the correct soil preparation to proper planting techniques followed by regular maintenance of the tender plants.

It may get overwhelming. However, when you bite into that delicious, sweet tomato, you know that all your hard work was well worth it.

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5 Invasive Perennials You May Regret Planting

5 Invasive Perennials You May Regret Planting

Invasive Perennials - Lily of the valley

What are invasive perennials?

It always starts out innocent enough. You think you have found the perfect plant for that spot in your garden that always looks bare or is hard to plant.

You find a perennial that boasts its hardiness and promises to be low-maintenance or no maintenance. The plant takes to the spot readily and all your cares are over!

What you may have just done, however, is plant a highly invasive plant that will end up taking over your garden and eating all your other plants.

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Organic vegetables depicting Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture: What a CSA Can Do For You

Organic vegetables depicting Community Supported Agriculture

Do you have a favorite summer vegetable or garden-grown fruit that you just can’t wait to come in season each year?

I know I do. Tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelons are at the top of my list. Actually, they are all so much better when homegrown; sweeter, crunchier, with more depth of flavor.

There are times I’ve tasted my homegrown produce and thought I really didn’t know that vegetable was so delicious. Most of the time supermarket staples aren’t even close to tasting the same. It’s a shame, too. I think more of us would enjoy vegetables more if they had a chance to taste them in their fullness.

There is a way!

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