All You Need To Know About Roses

All You Need To Know About Roses

All You Need To Know About Roses

Have you considered planting a rose garden?

Would you love to have a fresh rose garden, but don’t know where to begin?

Two years ago, we published a weekly series called Rose Fridays. Every Friday, we would share tips and tricks to growing perfect roses.

Today, we are publishing another rose article. This one, however, is going to contain everything we have ever published about roses.

Please scan through the list of articles and read the summary’s for the answers to your questions about roses.

All About Roses

  1. How to Care for Roses: Whether you are looking to grow bare-root or container roses, this article is the perfect introduction to growing roses.
  2. 7 Steps to Plant Bare-Root Roses: All it takes is 7 easy steps if you are looking to plant bare-root roses.
  3. 5 Steps to Plant Container Roses: Container roses really add that something special and this article shares how to plant them.
  4. Pruning Roses and Helpful Tips and Tricks for Rose Bushes: Believe it or not there is a time to prune and there is a time you shouldn’t prune your rose bush. Check out this article to find out when those times are.
  5. How to Water Your Rose Bushes for Best Results: From finding out when it’s time for watering to some of the best watering techniques out there, this article explains everything about watering roses.
  6. What is The Best Type of Rose?: This article presents the 2012 All America Rose Selection Rose winner.
  7. The 7 Different Types of Roses: Our most popular rose article details about the all the different types of roses.
  8. How to Organically Fertilize Your Rose Garden: This article has the 3 ingredients roses need in their fertilizer for your organic options.
  9. 4 Tips to Protecting Your Roses Against Winter: The goal here is to protect your roses from the effects of freezing and thawing.
  10. The Meaning Behind Rose Colors: What are you really saying when you give a rose. This article has the answer.
  11. The History of Roses: For all our history lovers out there, this article provides an interesting read about the flower that has captivated us all.
  12. Tips and Tricks for Caring For Roses: Here are some great tips for the care of yours roses.
  13. 4 Fragrant Roses You Will Love: Looking to add a sweet aroma to your garden? Check out these four fragrant roses.
  14. 5 Easy to Grow Roses for Every Beginner Gardener: If you’re new to growing roses this is a great article for you.
  15. The 2013 All America Rose Selection Winner – Francis Meilland Rose: Find out why the Francis Meilland rose was picked as the 2013 AARS winner.
  16. 5 Favorite Roses for Your Garden: These 5 roses are easy to grow, beautiful and perfect for your garden.
  17. How to Propagate Roses with Potatoes: Yes, you can actually grow a rose from an Irish potato. Find out how in this article.
  18. 7 Top Tips for Growing and Caring For Your Rose Garden: If you are planning a rose garden, make sure to bookmark this article.
  19. How to Pick the Perfect Rose for Your Valentine: Don’t let yourself be deceived by the florist. This article will equip you to pick a healthy, beautiful rose.

Your Turn
Do you have a favorite type of rose that is not mentioned here? We would love to hear about it. Please let us know what it is in the comment section below.

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