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Best Time to Plant Trees

Best Time to Plant Trees – What You Need to Know

Best Time to Plant Trees

One question we hear most often is, “When is the best time to plant trees?” The answer might surprise you.

When is the Best Time to Plant Trees?

The short answer is: it depends. A majority of people will say spring is the best season. This tends to be the popular time of year because it is when people begin to focus on their yard and landscape after the winter time. However, many people will argue that the fall is actually the best time to plant trees. Let’s take closer look at the optimal time to plant your trees and what you should know.

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Tree gifts

5 Benefits Trees Gift The World: You Will Want to Plant A Tree Immediately


This weekend, my family attended a birthday party for a friend. When we walked to their backyard, we were immediately covered by a cascading canopy of green splendor. The trees where huge and stunning. The large towering branches created a fun rope tree swing for the children to play on. The thick trunk offered endless amounts of active climbing fun. It was pure delight for all.

While the party was definitely fun, it was the trees that, to me, stole the show and created such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

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Grow amazing apples

How to Grow Amazing Apples Your Family Will Love

How to Grow Amazing Apples
If you are looking for a fun fall activity then visiting your local apple orchard is a must. This past weekend, my family and I visited The McIntosh Orchard in beautiful South Haven, Michigan. With the apple blossom being the state flower, Michigan is a state that is sure to produce some amazing apples. The orchard hosted row after row of ripe, crisp, juicy apples. The children ran up and down each isle of apple trees, picking apples and placing them into big wooden barrels to be weighed and brought home.

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Trees - fall color

9 Trees to Grow for Beautiful Fall Colors

Beautiful Fall Colors

There is something magical about fall. It seems to be a moment in time when trees and plants come to their truest splendor. Even if you are a die-hard summer fan, you have to admit the beauty of all that encompasses this amazing season. Or maybe it’s the pumpkin spice lattes, football games, warm sweaters and boots that make everyone love this season so much.

Regardless what makes you love fall, having your own home garden that lets you enjoy the changing beauty is worth the effort.

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Why More People Are Installing Deep Root Watering Systems

Why More People Are Installing Deep Root Watering Systems

Have you struggling with your newly planted trees not surviving the summer?

Are you searching for a way to grow fuller trees and shrubs?

More and more everyday gardeners are installing aeration tubes for their gardens, trees, and shrubs. This article will help to shed light on what deep root watering systems are and why the everyday gardener is installing them.

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