12 Frost Tolerant Vegetables to Plant in Early Spring

Cold season vegetables

Ready to get out into the garden this weekend?

Yesterday marked the first day of spring and we are excited to share with you our list of 12 frost tolerant vegetables that you may be able to start planting this weekend.

From Georgia to Michigan to Texas and the Northwest, this winter has been colder and longer than others. The good news is that it is officially spring and it’s time to get out into our gardens.

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March Gardening Tips for the Southwest

March gardening tips

Are you wondering how much to water your lawn?

Would you like to start planting some vegetables?

March has come in roaring like a lion and it finally is starting to look like spring it is on its way. This has been on cold and snowy winter for many areas in the U.S. Even our neighbors in the southwestern part of the country have felt the sting of this difficult winter.

As we turned our clocks forward this past weekend, we are also looking forward to spring and starting our gardening.

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How to Plant Asparagus in 3 Easy Steps

How to Plant Asparagus in 3 Easy Steps

What are the benefits to growing your own asparagus?

How do you care for the asparagus after you’ve planted it?

Yesterday’s weather in Southwest Michigan included snow, rain, thunder, and even lightening in some areas. It was almost as if spring and winter were battling it out.

After waking up to temperatures in the mid 30s, it would seem that spring won, but winter is already advancing again. While we wait for spring, let’s take a look at a great cold weather vegetable, asparagus.

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How to Plant and Grow Peas Organically

How to grow peas organically

Are you anxious to get out into your garden even though it’s still cold out?

Are temperatures hitting 40 degrees and above in your area this week?

On this Wednesday, we continue with our series, Beginner Gardening Wednesday. Today, we are sharing about growing peas. While peas have only a small window of time to grow them in, they are fairly easy to grow.

Since they are so easy to grow, peas have made this week’s Beginner Gardening Challenge.

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How to Grow Cherry Trees Like George Washington

Cherry tree with ripe cherries

Are you familiar with the story of George Washington and the cherry tree?

Do you love fresh cherries?

As a Michigan native, I love cherries. I love cherry pie and eating fresh cherries. On this Presidents Day, we thought it would be fun to remember the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree while sharing with you how to grow one of your own.

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4 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Improve Your Garden

4 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Improve Your Garden

Are you a coffee drinker that throws coffee grounds out?

Would you like to keep the slugs and ants out of your garden this spring?

Many people think that you need to invest a lot of money and time into something to make it work. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can change this thought process when it comes to gardening. The secret? Coffee grounds.

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The 2014 AAS Vegetable Award Winner Named: Bean Mascotte

The 2014 AAS Vegetable Award Winner Named: Bean Mascotte

Are you looking to grow a great vegetable this year in your spring garden?

Would you love to grow a garden, but don’t have the space?

When I was young, my grandfather had a garden. He had a huge backyard and amazing soil. He loved to work in his garden and as a child, you could always get me to eat the vegetables if they were grown in his garden. The tomatoes were always perfectly ripe and the green beans were crispy.

Homegrown vegetables can either turn out wonderful or they can be a disaster. That is why I had to share about the national All-American Selections Vegetable Award Winner of 2014, the bean mascotte. This vegetable does not just produce a great veggie, but it also can be grown in virtually any space.

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Four Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Are the cold temperatures making you think of winter?

Would you like to keep your lawn looking beautiful next spring?

These chilly temperatures have many of us thinking about winter. While fall is only a month in, snow seems to be right around the corner for many northern states. Many homeowners have been wondering what the best way is to prepare their lawns for winter. The last thing anyone wants is the cold winter temperatures damaging their lawn.

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