When to Expect Sweet Cherries at Your Local Farmers Market

Michigan Sweet Cherries

Did last year’s drought prevent you from enjoying the taste of Michigan’s sweet cherries?

Are you wondering when you’ll see sweet cherries at the grocery store?

Can you believe that the weekend is already here? Today, we are sharing all about Michigan sweet cherries.

Last year, the cherry crop suffered from the drought. The delectable fruit was hard to come by. If you were able to find them, the cherries were expensive. We wanted to know if that was going to happen this year.

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Sizzling Temperatures Threaten Alaska

Alaska Heat Wave

Do you know how long the sun is out during the Alaskan Summer?

Have you ever heard of lightning sparked wildfire that tripled in size in one day?

Today is the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere. That means that today will be the longest day of the year for those north of the equator. My family and I along with many Americans are enjoying the long day with lots of sun.

Alaska is experiencing a heat wave that is resulting in 20 degrees above normal temperatures for this time of year. Heat records were shattered all across the state. The tiny town of Talkeetna registered a record breaking high of 96 degrees earlier this week.

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Michigan’s Cherry Crop Looks Good for 2013

Cherry blossoms

Were you disappointed with the cherry crop last year?

When you think of Michigan cherries, what do you think of?

Picture this, it is warm summer day in Michigan and you’ve been outside all morning. You look around your yard pleased with all work you’ve accomplished. Now, however, it is time for a quick snack and you reach for the cherries you just picked up at the store.

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The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen – 2013

Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen 2013

Do you know which fruits and vegetables are safe to buy?

On this beautiful June Friday, we are sharing about a hot topic – the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. If you haven’t heard of these lists yet, don’t worry we will break it down for you.

The EWG or The Environmental Working Group produces a shopper’s guide every year. This guide provides a list of 51 different fruit and vegetables and actually ranks where each one falls on pesticide levels. This list is more popularly known as the Dirty Dozen (the 12 highest ranking) and the Clean Fifteen (the fifteen lowest ranking). Today, we are sharing that list with you.

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Michigan’s Fruit Crop Threatened by the Notorious Stink Bug

Asian Stink Bug

Did you ever think that a harmless bug could endanger Michigan’s crop?

Hello and happy Friday! Here we are, about to enter into a holiday weekend. Do you plan to garden this weekend? The weather reports all week have been saying that we will enjoy temperatures around the 60s in the Detroit Metropolitan area. I couldn’t think of better gardening weather.

Have you ever seen stink bugs? They don’t bite or sting, but they put off an offensive smell that could have you wanting to be rid of them quickly. You and I are not the only ones wanting to get rid of these little stink bugs. Believe it or not, but this year they pose a huge threat to Michigan’s fruit crop. According to the USDA-NIFA SCRI Coordinated Agricultural Project:

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Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers

Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers

Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers

How are your spring allergies doing?

Are you looking for some plants that won’t have you sneezing this spring?

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. If you are like me, this has been a tough spring for allergies. I have had a running nose and itchy eyes. It has even kept me out of my garden now for a few days. So, I got thinking, what can I plant that won’t send me inside? Today, we are sharing that answer with you.

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Top 10 Blog Articles in 2012


Wondering if your favorite post made our top 10 list?

With this New Year upon us, we wanted to take some time to thank all of our faithful readers for your support last year. We also wanted to reflect on your favorite posts from 2012.

Our goal with this blog is to assist you in having the gorgeous landscape that you have always dreamed of. We do that by sharing tips, tricks and how-tos on everything related to landscaping including tree planting, planting roses, growing herbs indoors or growing strong trees and more.

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Rootwell Tested and Approved

Rootwell aeration tube

Are you still unsure if aeration tubes are worth it?

We share a lot of information on this blog, everything from herbs to Christmas trees. We review a lot of information about gardening here, and we do this because we love helping our readers grow the most beautiful gardens and landscapes.

It all started when we engineered the Rootwell. We saw how trees, shrubs and plants can easily die off. We saw how frustrating it is to spend the money on a tree, spend the time to water it and care for a tree, then, to watch it die.

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