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Growing Mushrooms at Home – Gardening Tips

Different types of mushrooms

If you grew up in the Midwest, like me, you might have seen your parents or grandparents harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, or squash. It’s unlikely you’ve had much experience watching someone grow mushrooms.

Mushrooms seem like a bit of a mystery. We have seen them growing wild on logs, we have heard tell of delicious morels that can be found in the woods in early spring, and we have tasted the even-rarer truffles in the form of truffle oil or salt on gourmet dishes.

However, how many of us know about how mushrooms grow? Would it surprise you to know you can easily grow them at home?

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Fast growing trees plant in fall

Fast Growing Trees to Plant in the Fall

Boy and father planting tree depicting fast growing trees

Are you looking to add some beautiful, fast growing trees for your yard? Did you know fall is the perfect time to plant a tree?

Believe it or not, but fall, not spring is the best time of the year to plant your trees. Today, we will explore why that is.

We are also exploring what trees you can still plant this fall that grow quickly, giving your yard the more mature look you want.

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Tree trunks in autumn

Trees With The Strongest and Deepest Roots

Trees in autumn depicting tree roots

Have you ever had to cut a tree down because the tree roots were damaging your septic field, your foundation, or your sewer connection?

The strength and persistence of tree roots is no joke.

Did you know trees can grow their roots through rock? It’s true! Rather than try to grow around a rock, a tree will go right through, over time.

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Rose depicting how to protect roses in winter

How to Protect Roses in Winter: Gardening Tips

Rose depicting how to protect roses in winter

Are you looking for ways to protect roses during the winter months?

This week, we are looking at a few tricks and tips to save your beautiful rose garden from winter’s cold temperatures. Whether you are expanding your current rose garden, looking for tips on how to take care of the roses you already have, or are new to rose gardening, this is an excellent guide for you.

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