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Flourishing flowering crab depicting 3 Basics Your Growing Tree Needs

3 Basics Your Growing Tree Needs

Flourishing flowering crab depicting 3 Basics Your Growing Tree Needs

What does a growing tree need to flourish?

Growing a tree can be quite a science. It may be confusing trying to determine the essential considerations that are needed to help grow your trees efficiently and successfully.

At Rootwell Products, Inc., we understand that and want to make the process easier. Read on for three essential basics to consider that will maximize your efforts to help your tree thrive.

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Sprinkler system, mulchHow to save money watering your lawn and trees

5 Ways to Save Money Watering Your Lawn and Trees

Sprinkler system, mulch and grass depicting how to save money watering your lawn and trees

Are you looking to save money watering your lawn and trees?

These days everyone wants to cut back on their spending. Water use for most homeowners increases dramatically during the summer months.

While we all love the way lush green lawns and landscaping look, the money it costs to get there can make your head spin.

Let’s talk about five ways to care for your lawn and trees while not completely emptying your wallet.

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Cost-Effective Gardening Tips & Tricks - Tomato seedlings in egg shells

45 Cost-Effective Gardening Tips & Tricks

Cost-Effective Gardening Tips & Tricks - Tomato seedlings in egg shells

Whether you are a novice or veteran gardener, the season of gardening is here. How do you minimize your time outdoors so that you can maximize your time indoors?

Here are 45 cost-effective gardening tips and tricks to make your green thumb greener from preventing dirt from getting under your fingernails to drying herbs and finding practical uses for discarded coffee and tea grounds.

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Cucumber leaf with powdery mildew is a common vegetable garden problem

Solutions to Common Vegetable Garden Problems

Common Vegetable Garden Problems powdery mildew

Cucumber leaf with powdery mildew

Are you having problems growing your vegetables?

Every gardener at one point or another faces a few common problems when growing vegetables. These problems include seedlings that wilt, plants that stay small and look yellow, scorched-looking leaves on your plants, tomato plants that look distorted and rough, or when snap bean flowers do not succeed even to develop.

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Zero waste tip - growing deedlins in cardboard egg cartons

How to Go Zero Waste in Your Kitchen, Home, and Garden

Zero waste tip: Use cardboard egg cartons to grow seedlings

We previously covered the zero waste movement and what it means, beyond reducing what you send to the recycling facility or landfill.

Maybe the term and description have sparked some ideas for how you can cut down waste.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the impetus to start practices that reduce or eliminate waste because, let’s face it, sometimes we rely on convenience foods and products.

It’s hard to switch up your routine in the midst of a busy lifestyle.

However, don’t fear! Even if you can’t cut out all of our waste, there are simple ways to drastically reduce it that can positively impact your house, your garden, and your budget.

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The Zero Waste Movement: It’s Not (necessarily) What You Think

Zero waste concept - using eco cotton bags instead of plastic bag

Zero waste concept – using Eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags

Like many typical Americans, you have probably heard the term zero waste and passed it by.

Maybe you have remembered how Sweden has almost stopped producing trash and wondered distractedly how they pulled that off.

Or maybe you took a quick mental journey around your house and thought, “no way,” as I did initially.

You can get going on a major guilt trip if you think for even a few minutes about how much stuff you’re sending to a landfill. I think that’s why many people prefer not to think about it.

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