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How to Grow Kale in 4 Easy Steps


Are you looking for a plant that does great in the winter?

Kale is easy to grow and since kale does poor in the heat, but flourishes in the winter, October is the perfect time to plant kale. It grows best in zones 8-10. To find out what zone you live in, please see Climate Zones.

Kale is also very healthy for you, providing vitamins A and C, a great source of fiber, and it is high in potassium, iron and calcium.

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4 Facts to Know About Mums

4 Facts to Know About Mums

4 Facts to Know About Mums

Are you looking to plant mums this fall?

Do you love mums?

When I think of plants in the fall, it is hard not to think of mums. Mums offer a great backdrop to your garden’s fall decor. There are many inexpensive perennials that can be planted as annuals. Today, on this fall Wednesday, I will be share 5 facts to know about mums.

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5 Steps to Plant and Care for Tulips

5 Steps to Plant and Care for Tulips

Do you love seeing your tulips in the beginning of spring?

If you are looking for a weekend project, planting tulips is perfect.

I know when I see tulips in Michigan, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that spring is on its way. Today, we are going to share 5 steps to plant and care for your tulips. These steps will aid you as you start on your weekend tulip planting project.

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October Gardening Tips and Tricks

October Gardening Tips & Tricks

Looking for something to do in your garden this October?

Are you wondering how to keep your flowers blooming for several weeks?

October is here. It is time for pumpkin picking, apple orchards, and hay rides. Today, we would like to share some October gardening tips and tricks to keep your gardening blooming and healthy for next spring.

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How to Grow Parsley Indoors

How to grow parsley indoors

Do you crave fresh parsley for your cooking?

Welcome back to Herb Mondays. Herb Monday is our series on how to grow herbs in your very own home. Last week, we learned about growing mint in How to Grow Mint At Home.

I love cooking for my family. There is something about creating a dish and then watching your family enjoy it. When I’m cooking, I prefer to use fresh herb. During this time of year, I’m moving my herb garden indoors. One of my favorite home grown herbs is parsley. It is so easy to grow in containers that can flourish indoors or out.

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5 Different Weeds Growing in Your Garden – Part 1

5 Different Weeds Growing in Your Garden

Do you know what type of weeds are going in your garden?

Are you wondering how to identify those weeds?

I remember when I was little getting paid a dollar from my parents for every bag I filled with weeds. Weeding is a gardener’s least favorite chore. When there is a garden, there are weeds. No matter how much we try to prevent them they keep popping up on us.

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How to Grow Mint At Home

Fresh herb mint and chocolate

Are you starting your own herb garden at home?

Does fresh mint for your brownies sound enticing?

Growing your own garden is great, but depending on where you live, the winter might try to dampen your spirits. The time has come for you to move your garden indoors. Unfortunately, we cannot move our whole garden inside, but we can move our herb garden indoors.

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