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Top 10 Trees to Plant in the Fall

Top trees to plant in the fall

Did you know that this month is the perfect time to add life to your lawn by plant trees?

Looking for some great trees to plant this weekend?

With Election Day behind us, we can look forward to this weekend and getting our hands dirty in our gardens. For much of the county though, temperatures are dropping forcing us to finish our projects before the ground freezes. Today, we are sharing our Top 10 Trees to Plant This Fall.

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5 Reasons Aeration Tubes will Enhance Your Herb Garden

Herb fresh mint

Looking for ways to grow a strong herb garden?

Happy Monday, and welcome to Herb Monday. Herb Monday is our latest series that shares helpful tips to growing herbs indoors. Last week, we discussed How to Save Money on Your Herb Garden through tips to move your outdoor garden indoor.

Today, we are sharing how using aeration tubes in your herb garden will provide you with the great tasting and long lasting herbs.

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How to Grow Witch Hazel In Sandy Soil

Witch Hazel

Do you love how witch hazel can add color to your landscape this autumn?

Do you have sandy soil that prevents you from growing the trees and shrubs you love?

Happy Halloween! On this Halloween, we are going to be sharing about growing the spooky shrub witch hazel in any type of soil. In light of the most recent hurricane, we are going to focus our attention on sandy soil.

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How to Save Money on Your Herb Garden

Save money on herbs

Looking to keep cooking with fresh herbs?

Need a way to save on all those fresh herbs?

Welcome back to Herb Monday and happy Monday to you. Herb Monday is a series about tips and tricks to growing and beautiful herb garden indoors. Last week, we shared that lavender is often used for cooking and can even replace rosemary in many bread recipes in 4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lavender.

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How to Grow and Care for Flawless Pumpkins – Part 2

How to Grow and Care for Flawless Pumpkins

When is the perfect time to harvest pumpkins?

Part of growing and caring for flawless pumpkins is to know the right time to harvest them. Happy Friday, and welcome to part 2 of our two-part series on growing and caring for pumpkins. On Wednesday, we shared tips or rather tricks on how to grow the perfect pumpkin in How to Grow and Care for Flawless Pumpkins – Part 1.

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Apple Orchards with No Apples

Apple orchard

Have you been to an apple orchard this year?

Are you craving a cup of cider?

We have talked so many times about how apples and fall almost seem to go hand in hand. However, for Michigan, who is responsible for the third largest apple production in the United States, apples are scarce. All around Metro Detroit, apple orchards are having apples shipped in from the west side of the state.

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