Beginner Gardener

Beginner Gardening Challenge: How To Create The Perfect Bird Garden

Cardinal at bird feeder

Would you love to enjoy birds in your garden?

Did you think adding a bird garden is only for advanced gardeners?

Welcome back to Beginner Gardening Wednesday. Every Wednesday, we have been posting articles that are designed for novice gardeners. Our goal is to make gardening easy and fun for even the greenest of thumbs. Today, we are looking at how to add a bird garden.

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Why You Should Eat Beets and How to Grow Them

Why You Should Eat Beets

Do you need a little extra energy during the day?

Are you aware that beets have huge nutritional value?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Wednesday means one thing, Beginner Gardening Wednesday. Beginner Gardening Wednesday is our latest series that publishes articles that help make gardening easier. With this series the greenest thumbs can become experts.

Today, we are looking at America’s favorite vegetable, beets. OK, we know. Beets are not America’s favorite vegetable, but there is a reason why they should be. These red vegetable are amazing for your health. According to Full Circle, beets offer a world of health benefits and here are 3 of them:

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How to Make the Most Out Of Your Fall Garden Clean Up

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Fall Clean Up

Does your garden need some sprucing up?

Not sure how to prepare your garden for winter?

It’s Wednesday which means its Beginner Gardener Wednesday. This is our series that is for every beginner gardener. Every Wednesday you can read about tips and tricks that any novice gardener would want to know. Today, we are sharing about what you need to do for fall clean up.

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3 Easy Ways Prepare Trees For Winter

How to prepare trees for winter

Have you planted trees this fall?

Are you nervous about your trees making it through the winter?

Welcome back to Beginner Gardner Wednesday. Beginner Gardener Wednesday is our weekly series where we sharing gardening tips tailored to our greenest thumbs. Today, we are sharing about how to get your tree ready for winter the easy way.

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about how fall is the best time to plant trees. The rain showers along with the colder weather make up a perfect mix to grow trees. Planting trees can be very expensive and the last thing anyone wants to do is replant next fall.

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5 Easy to Grow Roses for Every Beginner Gardener

Red Knock Out Rose

Red Knock Out Rose

Would you love to have a rose garden?

Today, we are continuing our series called Beginner Gardening Challenge. This series offers tips and tricks to turn anyone thumb a little greener. That way, if you’ve never gardened before or have had difficulty with gardening, Wednesdays post are for you.

Roses are one if not the top selling flower. Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk out to your rose garden, pick a few and bring them to set on your kitchen table?

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The Beginner Gardening Challenge Made Easy

Beginner gardening challenge

Are you a new to gardening?

Would you like an easy to do gardening project?

Wednesday is Beginner Gardening Challenge. Every Wednesday, we have been posting tips and tricks about gardening that will make anyone new to gardening feel at ease. Today, we are going to review the articles that we have already published. This way, the articles will be easily accessible.

12 beginner gardener challenges

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How to Grow Spinach for Beginners

SpinachDid you know that spinach is number 10 on the 2013 dirty dozen list? What that means is that spinach is 1 out of 12 fruits and vegetables that have high pesticide levels. Knowing this, you have a couple of options to avoid those potentially harmful pesticides.

The first option, which is also the more expensive of the two, is to buy organic spinach. Another option is to actually grow your own spinach. What is great about option number 2 is that right now is the perfect time to start growing spinach.

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3 Easy Ways to Help Lower Your Water Bill

Easy ways to help lower your water bill

Are you looking for a way to reduce your water bill?

With a beautiful weekend ahead, do you have any plans for your landscape? Today, we are sharing about 3 easy ways that will actually save you money in the long run. Not only will they save you money, but they will add that something special to your lawn.

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3 Tips for Beginner Gardeners to Plant a Garden

Landscape Plan

Have you always wanted to plant a garden?

Are you looking for some tips that will help turn your thumb green?

Welcome back to Beginner Gardening Wednesday. This is a great series if you are new to gardening. Every Wednesday, we share some tricks of the trade to help turn your thumb a little greener. Today, we are sharing tips you don’t want to miss if you looking to plant a garden.

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How to Save Water by Watering the Root Zone

How to Save Water by Watering the Root Zone

Has your water bill started to go up with all the hot weather?

Would you like to save water while giving your landscape what it needs to be healthy?

Welcome back to Beginner Gardener Wednesday! Beginner Gardener Wednesday is our latest series that provides tips and tricks for anyone who is interested in gardening. You don’t have to be a pro at gardening to enjoy all the gardening and landscaping has to offer.

Today, we are sharing with you a few ways to save on water. During the summer months, especially August, we watch our water bill rise as our lawn, trees, and shrubs turn brown. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are methods to watering that can help you save and today, were sharing that insight with you.

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