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Ten Trees to Grow Indoors

10 Trees to grow indoors

Many of us spend the warm months outside, enjoying the beauty of nature and putting our hands in the dirt. When winter months come, those of us in cold climates long for green things to see, smell, and feel. This is a list of trees that can be grown indoors for those long months when the sight of a green tree is scarce.

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6 Of The Best Indoor Conservatories in The United States

Indoor conservatories

Winter is definitely coming. For many people in the United States, the leaves have already dropped from the trees and snow has made it’s presence. While the approaching holidays are a great distraction from the passing of fall, it can still be disheartening for many people who love all things green and warm. If you are feeling the winter blues coming on, we have your cure – visit your local indoor conservatory.

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Root cellar

Everything You Need to Know About an Amazing Root Cellar

Root cellar

Can you imagine life without the extravagance of a refrigerator? It is so nice to be able to keep cold so many of our favorite and essential foods. It is hard to believe that for centuries people functioned fine without this modern day luxury.

One time tested way that those before refrigerators survived daily life was by using a root cellar. A root cellar was an essential part of everyday homes. Not only are these cellars great for storing your favorite produce, they have many different purposes that can help you feel like to you face any storm or zombie apocalypse that comes your way.

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Essential Oils: What They Are and How They Are Used

Essential oils

Essential oils are an ancient tradition that have recently soared in popularity. Throughout history, essential oils have been known to be used for cosmetic benefits, dietary purpose, and even spiritual and religious uses. Jews and Egyptians made essential oils by soaking the plants in oil and then filtering the oil through a linen bag. It was the essential oils of frankincense, incense and myrrh that the three kings gave to Jesus when he was born in Bethlehem according to the New Testament.

This ancient tradition has made a modern day comeback. What is it that has so many people going crazy for these products? We thought we would take some time to dig into the essence of essential oils.

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How to grow organic garlic

Garlic: How to Grow Organic Garlic and Reap the Amazing Benefits

Organic garlic

The day my brother-in-law took a raw garlic clove, plopped it in his mouth, and chewed on it like it was a piece of gum, was the day my entire perspective on garlic changed.

While I knew garlic was good for you, I didn’t realize how good.

While we all know the amazing culinary addition that garlic has, we might be surprised by the medicinal properties. In fact, garlic has been used medicinally all over the world for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at garlic benefits and how to grow this amazing plant organically in your own home garden so that you can start planting today.

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How to grow organic cauliflower

Grow Robust Cauliflower At Home Organically with These 7 Tips

One of my family’s stable dinner dishes is roasted cauliflower. We cut a head of cauliflower in small pieces, lay the pieces on a baking dish, cover them with olive oil and salt, and bake or broil for 20 – 30 minutes. Out comes one of the most delicious meals. We devour the tasty vegetable like they were a bag of chips. Our children beg for more of this tasty white vegetable.

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Perfect pumpkin

Grow Perfect Pumpkins with These 8 Easy Tips Anyone Can Do

Perfect pumpkins

Nothing says fall like perfect pumpkins. Pumpkins can be turned into delicious pies, a smiling jack-o-lantern, or placed around your home or outdoors for beautiful fall decor. October is the best time to head to the pumpkin patch and pick your perfect pumpkin. For my family, we have a strange tradition of searching for the ugliest pumpkin or gourde. We love the different colors and shapes that pumpkins come in. While orange is the color that pumpkins are famous for, they come in many other colors like white, yellow, and green.

Picking a pumpkin is fun, but growing your own pumpkin plant is better. Growing pumpkins is easy. It is something your whole family can partake in. When you follow a few guidelines you are sure to have success growing your own pumpkins. Here are eight tips to help you grow the perfect pumpkin.

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Tree gifts

5 Benefits Trees Gift The World: You Will Want to Plant A Tree Immediately


This weekend, my family attended a birthday party for a friend. When we walked to their backyard, we were immediately covered by a cascading canopy of green splendor. The trees where huge and stunning. The large towering branches created a fun rope tree swing for the children to play on. The thick trunk offered endless amounts of active climbing fun. It was pure delight for all.

While the party was definitely fun, it was the trees that, to me, stole the show and created such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

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