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9 Household Items to Create a Flourishing Organic Garden

Organic GardenHaving an organic garden is a lot easier than one might originally think. With just a little bit of research and using a few household items lying around your home, you can have a flourishing organic garden. The best part is not only will it not break the bank, but it might even save you some money.

Here are 9 common household items that you, most likely, have lying around your home that you can add to your organic garden to help it flourish.

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Jim Cochran’s Story: A Pioneer for Organic Strawberry Farming

Jim Cochran’s Story: A Pioneer for Organic Strawberry Farming

Jim Cochran’s Story: A Pioneer for Organic Strawberry FarmingWe all know that organic food is a great choice, but when you are a farmer and barely making it as it is, choosing to go the organic route can feel difficult, if not impossible.

Sometimes all we need is one person to take that route; to pave the way and show us how. That is exactly what Jim Cochran has done for the organic strawberry industry. He was a pioneer in revolutionizing how we grow organic strawberries.

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The Backyard Shed – Endless Possibilities

Backyard shed

This past weekend, I walked to my friend’s home and noticed her amazing shed. It sits in the back of her yard. I needed to store something and she said I could store it in her shed. While I have seen many sheds, it had been awhile. So when I walked inside, I was shocked at the amount of space it had.

My friend’s shed was extremely organized. It held labeled bins filled with different items that she didn’t need all year long and could store in nice shelving. It held her lawn mower, her shovels, and other garden tools that saved her space in her garage.

I’ll be honest, my mouth drooled a little. I almost asked her if we wanted just to hangout right inside that baby. It looked like a little house. My brain started thinking of all the possibilities that you could use with such a space.

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6 Garden Tasks to Do in Early Spring

Early SpringHello, spring! Yesterday, marked the first day of spring. This has to be one of our favorite times of year. We are eager to see all that has been dormant for so many months come peeking through. When we watch our garden come in, it feels almost like the playing of a symphony. Each plant is a different instrument playing its own special notes. Together they create the most beautiful song.

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Tips for Buying and Growing Easter Lilies

Easter LiliesWhat flower comes to your mind when you think of the Easter holiday? If you are like most people, you might have mentioned the Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum).  Chances are, you might be looking at buying this beautiful, white flowered plant with Easter around the corner.

Easter lilies have an amazing fragrance that might and bring back some sweet memories. In this post, we have pulled together some fun information about the history of Easter lilies, some helpful tips for buying Easter lilies, as well as tips for planting them in your own garden.

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Reclaimed Wood for Beginners: Creative Possibilities

Reclaimed wood - wood barn

Reclaimed wood is a booming business and a trend that does not seem to be going away. The trend for this rustic style continues to grow each year. People are choosing reclaimed pieces to add style and character to their home and businesses.

There are endless ways to use reclaimed wood. They can be made into counter tops, floors, tables, wood walls, decorative pieces, headboards, play houses, and even wood beams in a home. Most lumber can also be repurposed or refinished to add a renewed life.

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9 Most Unique Trees In The World

Unique Trees“To know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”

Hal Borland, American author and journalist

Do you have a wanderlust heart and ready for a great traveling adventure? Consider visiting some of the world’s most marvelous trees. It will be worth every second of your time to stand beside some of nature’s oldest, tallest, and most unique creations.

It is hard to believe that these trees are a product of Mother Nature. While there are many more incredible trees out there, here are 9 of some of the most unique trees in the world. Having a chance to visit these trees would be an incredible experience.

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