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How to Keep Your Trees Alive No Matter the Soil

Rootwell aeration tubes

Do you find that year after year your newly planted trees are dying?

How much money have you spent simply purchasing trees that don’t make it through the winter?

Can you relate with the questions above? You might blame yourself when a tree doesn’t make it or maybe the nursery simply gave you a bad tree or maybe the weather is the reason. My guess is that if you are having trouble keeping your trees alive year after year than it is most likely the soil in your yard.

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How to Plant Asparagus in 3 Easy Steps

How to Plant Asparagus in 3 Easy Steps

What are the benefits to growing your own asparagus?

How do you care for the asparagus after you’ve planted it?

Yesterday’s weather in Southwest Michigan included snow, rain, thunder, and even lightening in some areas. It was almost as if spring and winter were battling it out.

After waking up to temperatures in the mid 30s, it would seem that spring won, but winter is already advancing again. While we wait for spring, let’s take a look at a great cold weather vegetable, asparagus.

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How to Plant and Grow Peas Organically

How to grow peas organically

Are you anxious to get out into your garden even though it’s still cold out?

Are temperatures hitting 40 degrees and above in your area this week?

On this Wednesday, we continue with our series, Beginner Gardening Wednesday. Today, we are sharing about growing peas. While peas have only a small window of time to grow them in, they are fairly easy to grow.

Since they are so easy to grow, peas have made this week’s Beginner Gardening Challenge.

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How to Grow Cherry Trees Like George Washington

Cherry tree with ripe cherries

Are you familiar with the story of George Washington and the cherry tree?

Do you love fresh cherries?

As a Michigan native, I love cherries. I love cherry pie and eating fresh cherries. On this Presidents Day, we thought it would be fun to remember the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree while sharing with you how to grow one of your own.

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How to Pick the Perfect Rose for Your Valentine

How to Pick the Perfect Rose for Your Valentine

Are you planning to sort through the roses at the local florist?

Want to make sure that rose you give is perfect?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! If you haven’t yet bought your sweetheart’s roses, you are in luck. Today, we are going to share with you a few tips on picking out the perfect rose. We are even going to share with you what the color of the rose will communicate.

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Tomatoes – The Best That 2014 Has To Offer – The Mountain Merit

Fresh tomatoes

Are you looking for the perfect vegetable for your garden?

Do your tomatoes struggle with diseases?

Gardening is a lot to take on, even for greenest thumbs among us. Little things can happen that leave us wondering, “what did I do wrong?”

Have you ever planted something with all the joy and excitement you didn’t even know you had for a little plant? Have you ever watched that same plant that stored all your hope stop budding, not grow at all or become so diseased that it is impossible to eat?

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7 Top Tips for Growing and Caring for a Rose Garden

7 Top Tips for Growing and Caring for a Rose Garden

Have you always dreamed of growing a rose garden?

Would you love to have fresh roses on your kitchen table all summer long?

Roses are the pride and joy for many gardeners. The reason why they are is that roses can be tricky. Today, we would like to make growing and caring for roses easy by sharing 7 of the top tips that we have found beneficial in growing and caring for a rose garden.

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How to Grow Oregano – Beginner Gardening Wednesday

Fresh Oregano

Would you like to start an herb garden?

Gardening is one of those things that if you’ve never done it, it may seem intimating. That is why we created Beginner Gardening Wednesdays. This Wednesday, we are sharing about an easy-to-grow herb – oregano.

Beginner Gardening Wednesday is our weekly series that targets anything that is easy to grow. This series seeks to make gardening less intimating and available to all.

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February Gardening Tips and Tricks

February Gardening Tips

Does all this snow have you dreaming of Spring?

Wondering what you can do in your garden this month?

Depending on where you live, it might be time to get back outside and into the garden. Or, at least it might be time to start thinking about getting back into the garden. Today, we wanted to share some great tips and tricks for your garden this month.

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