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Gardening Made Easy – 4 Gardening Tips to Help Your Garden Grow

Gardening Made Easy

However many years she lived, Mary always felt that ‘she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow’.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

I remember when I gave my niece her first potted plant. She was so excited. She watered it, talked to it, sang to it, and left it outside to grow. The next morning she woke up and ran to the deck. She came in with a disappointed look on her face. She complained that “nothing happened”. It made me smile because gardening isn’t always easy.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer

4 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Are you looking to plant some new trees this year?

Picture this, you walk into the garden nursery and it’s standing there, the perfect tree. It has everything you wanted, good shade, beautiful color, and the price is just right. You buy it, bring it home, and plant it. A few weeks later as you are finishing the dinner dishes you suddenly notice that your perfect tree isn’t doing so well. Then you see it, your perfect tree, the tree you invested good time and money into is dying.

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5 Perennials That Will Look Great On Your Kitchen Table

Flowers in vase on table

Do you love the look of fresh flowers on your kitchen table?

Would you love to save money on fresh flowers?

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day everyone. How are you enjoying your holiday weekend? Are you gardening, barbecuing, or spending time with your family? This weekend provided a great time to get out and garden, but wouldn’t you love to bring some of that garden indoors?

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Michigan’s Fruit Crop Threatened by the Notorious Stink Bug

Asian Stink Bug

Did you ever think that a harmless bug could endanger Michigan’s crop?

Hello and happy Friday! Here we are, about to enter into a holiday weekend. Do you plan to garden this weekend? The weather reports all week have been saying that we will enjoy temperatures around the 60s in the Detroit Metropolitan area. I couldn’t think of better gardening weather.

Have you ever seen stink bugs? They don’t bite or sting, but they put off an offensive smell that could have you wanting to be rid of them quickly. You and I are not the only ones wanting to get rid of these little stink bugs. Believe it or not, but this year they pose a huge threat to Michigan’s fruit crop. According to the USDA-NIFA SCRI Coordinated Agricultural Project:

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Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers

Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers

Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers

How are your spring allergies doing?

Are you looking for some plants that won’t have you sneezing this spring?

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. If you are like me, this has been a tough spring for allergies. I have had a running nose and itchy eyes. It has even kept me out of my garden now for a few days. So, I got thinking, what can I plant that won’t send me inside? Today, we are sharing that answer with you.

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How to Grow Beautiful Dahlias

Beautiful Dahlias

Are you looking for a great flower that can grow in colder temperatures?

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Did you do any planting? My grandfather always says to plant after Memorial Day in Michigan. So if you’re like me, it is time to get serious about our summer gardens and today we are getting serious about planting dahlias.

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4 Fragrant Roses You Will Love

Double Delight Rose

Are you looking enhance your rose garden?

One of the best parts of having a garden, especially a rose garden, is the fragrance that roses give out. Here at Rootwell, we love roses. Last summer, we dedicated a whole day each week to roses on our blog, called Rose Fridays.

This Friday, we are again sharing about roses. The following are 4 of our favorite fragrant roses.

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West Michigan’s Freeze Could Leave Apple Crop Bare

Apple blossom

Do you love the smell of homemade apple sauce?

When you think of the fall, do you think of drinking apple cider?

Last year, the drought almost wiped out the apple crop. The grocery stores were forced to import apples from West Michigan and Washington. Our pockets felt the loss of the apple crop as well when the cider prices jumped to 10-13 dollars a gallon at some orchards.

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