Christmas Trees

What You Need To Know to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

What You Need To Know to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

Wondering what to look for when picking out a tree at the farm?

Not sure how to keep your Christmas tree looking healthy all season long?

If you are planning on a live Christmas tree this year then this article is for you. Today, we are covering how to pick out Christmas trees, caring for Christmas trees and lastly, getting rid of Christmas trees. You will even find a bonus tip at the end of the article.

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What to Do with Your Christmas Tree after Christmas

Christmas tree recycling

Does your Christmas tree seem to be hanging onto its last few branches?

Would you like to be able to keep your Christmas tree all year long?

One thing that you might be thinking at this point in the holiday season is what am I going to do with that Christmas tree? While we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, it might be time to do something with that tree. Don’t worry; today we are going to be reviewing Christmas tree disposal options.

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Scented Geraniums – An Easy To Grow Herb

Scented Geraniums

What do you think about a chocolate-smelling herb?

Would you like to add something special to your window box?

Happy Holidays everyone! Can you believe it is almost time for Christmas? Today, we wanted to share with you an herb that can offer your herb garden a variety of aromas. This herb is really easy to grow and it was actually included in Better Homes and Gardens Easy-to-Grow Herbs. The variety that we would like to focus today is the scented geranium.

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How to Care For Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree care

Have you already put up your Christmas tree this year?

Does your living room have a fresh smell of Christmas?

We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, it is finally time to start talking about Christmas. Doesn’t it feel like you have to get through Thanksgiving before you can start listening to Christmas music or put up your tree?

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Michigan’s 2013 Christmas Tree is Lit and Ready

Michigan Blue Spruce

What tree was chosen for Michigan’s Christmas tree this year?

Do you know how many trees have been chosen from the Upper Peninsula?

Michigan’s 2013 Christmas tree has been chosen, delivered to the state capital and is now decorated and lit. Michigan is a state full of evergreen trees and for the last 28 Christmases, trees have been chosen to represent the state. This year the tree that was chosen was a 71-foot blue spruce.

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How to Hang Lights on Your Christmas Tree

How to hang Christmas tree lights

Are you searching for ways to decorate your freshly cut tree that won’t harm it?

Did you find the perfect tree, but do not know where to go from here?

Happy Monday and welcome to “Christmas Tree Monday”. Every Monday this month we have been sharing “How Tos” on Christmas trees. On this wintery Monday, we are sharing about hanging lights on our Christmas tree without harming the tree.

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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive

Christmas Tree Alive

Do you love having a fresh Christmas tree, but hate how quickly they can die?

Are you hoping to get your fresh Christmas tree early enough for the Christmas party, but somehow have it last until Christmas Day?

So, you’ve found the perfect tree, you’ve hung all your ornaments proudly, the lights are up and the star is on top. As you take a step back to admire your hard work, you notice that a few branches drooping.

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